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Hey There!

My name is Niko Charney,

I am a musician, performer, gardener, writer, and advocate. Above all I'm a creator. There is great beauty in taking anything in its raw form and crafting it into something entirely different. Whether it be tangible or imaginary. Even more beautiful than that is the people we meet and collaborate with, and relationships we form along the way. This is what makes the process of creation and collaboration worth it.

I am currently studying musical theatre at the Manhattan School of Music in NYC. As I began my journey in the world of the arts I soon realized that very few, if any, had experience or knowledge of navigating the world of music and musical theatre with a hearing impairment. I found myself figuring out solutions to problems no one else knew of, all because I didn't know of any one to help me or guide the way. This was the impetus to create How I Hear It .  A space to share what I have learned, as well as others, with the intention that no one should have to do "it" alone.  

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